• Suburb : KURWONGBAH 4503
  • Region : Brisbane
  • State : Queensland
  • Duration : 29 days
  • Arrive : 01-Apr-2022
  • Depart : 29-Apr-2022
  • Pet care required :
  • Special features :
  • Location :


We live on a 5 acre property that has 2 houses. The granny flat is tenanted by a respectful young couple, a real estate renting agent manages this. Our home is large and relaxed with good outdoor areas both front and back with many beautiful trees.

We have a 10yr old dog (kelpie and staffie cross) and a black rescue cat. We also have 14 pet ducks that live in the stables.

The ducks get let out each morning into the outside grassed area and have pools to swim in, then need feeding and returning to their stables around dusk. They lay beautiful eggs, not as regularly as chooks, but they are very high in protein and make amazing quiches and baking. We eat them just like usual eggs.

Charlie is an indoor/outdoor cat, we monitor his whereabouts by a chargeable tracker. He has restricted outdoor time, and when inside he very happy just to hang out and gets on well with the dog.

Riley, our dog loves everyone and everything except thunder. She is better than the BOM at predicting a storm and will not leave your side until it is over. She also shares the responsibility of maintaining good relationships within the flock of ducks by racing around stopping any fights and potential attempts at reproduction!! Sadly there is alot of duck droppings that need to be collected at times. We use it as compost for our rather massive vege gardens. There will also be need for filling up water containers and small pools for the ducks. A few fresh buckets of water each day will keep them happy.

We are a 8min walk to the train which takes about 35mins to Brisbane CBD. There are shops and shopping centres nearby. Moreton bay and Brisbane have many bike tracks also. We live near a racetrack so that can be abit noisy sometimes at the weekends. There are loads of native birds (hence the cats restricted and monitored outdoor time) and sometimes we see or at least hear a koala if we are lucky.

We are looking for someone to manage our "funny farm" for a month in April 2022. The dates are approximate, will be 28 to 30 days in April. To be confirmed hopefully shortly by our travel agent.

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