Common Questions From House Sitters

Can you guarantee that I will get a house sit?

No, because we do not "place" you. It is up to the home owner to choose you from the potential house sitters we have sent them.

Why don't you list your house sitters on the website like everyone else?

We work in a fundamentally different way. Other house sitting companies sell listings on their website. In our system we provide home owners with introductions from house sitters who are interested in their position.

Our goal is to get as many house sitting assignments as possible by making it easy for home owners to find house sitters.

We find that the easiest way for home owners to find the right house sitter is if we do the leg work for them.

Can we create a house sitter profile?

Yes. Our house sitter profiles are private and not publicly browsable. You can write your profile without having to worry about your name, personal details, and photos ending up on google.

Only when you contact a home owner, do we only share the link to your profile with them.

What sort of person is most likely to be chosen?

Every home owner has different preferences. We have found that house sitters of all ages and backgrounds have been selected.

Am I disadvantaged because I have small children, or my own pets?

Yes. House sitting may not be suitable for you.

Should I join if I don't want to care for pets?

Most home owners want house sitters to care for their pets.

You are welcome to join and wait for positions that do not involve pets. Just be aware that you are limiting your opportunities.

I'm just after one or two suburbs. Why are your areas so large?

Our systems let you choose which home owners you have your details forwarded to. We prefer to send you the details and you can just ignore any that do not suit you and wait until a position comes up in the suburb/s you want. You just need to be aware that this may take some time.

If require a particular suburb or specific dates, seeking a short term rental may be preferable.

I'm only interested in long term positions. Should I join?

You are welcome to join and only apply to positions of an extended duration, just be aware that we get more short term assignments than long ones.

What are professional house sitters?

Professional house sitters are house sitters who charge a fee for their services and are generally willing to take on short assignments.

Should I join if I've never house sat before?

Experience does help you get assignments. However, if you are keen to house sit just put yourself forward for the less popular shorter assignments. You can also mention to your family and friends that you are looking to do some house sitting.

Can I house sit full time?

Unlikely. Most house sitters get gaps between house sitting positions.

House sitting best suits people who already have accommodation and house sit because they enjoy it.

Do I need a house sitting agreement?

If you would like to sign a house sitting agreement with the homeowner, we are here to help. We have House Sitting Agreements available, which are similar to a standard rental agreement and covers the terms and conditions under which you can stay in the home.