Privacy policy

Last Modified 25 May 2018


This Privacy Statement applies to all business activities of The House Sitters (ABN 47 022 074 523). 

THS recognizes the importance to our customers of the discreet and confidential handling of their personal information. It is THS's policy to comply with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988 and the National Privacy Principles contained in that Act in all activities of THS involving the collection, use, disclosure and handling of personal information.

Definitions and recitals in relation to this document.

Primary Business of The House Sitters

THS collects customer data through a process of customer registration, and this customer data is subsequently distributed in electronic form to other customers who request such information from THS.

House Sitters

House sitters are defined as those individuals who list with us for the purpose contacting home owners who are seeking a house sitter from our organisation. House sitters can optionally write a profile for distribution to home owners along with an introduction message, their name and contact details. In registering with us it is acknowledged by the house sitter that this information may be distributed.

All other information is kept within our database and is not disclosed.

Home Owners

Home owners are defined as those that request a house sitter from us. Home owners provide us with the suburb, dates, photographs and a written brief of their requirements for us to distribute to house sitters and website visitors. Home owners also provide us with their name and contact details, this information is kept confidential and is not disclosed to any third parties.


In the case of a serious complaint about a house sitter or home owner, THS may share the house sitters or home owners details with other house sitting companies, if it considers this is in the best interests of the house sitting industry.

Policy Statement


THS will collect personal information by lawful and fair means and not in an unreasonably intrusive way.

THS will make known the purpose for which it is collecting personal information and will collect personal information concerning an individual only from that individual.

Use and Disclosure

THS will not use personal information concerning an individual for a purpose other than the primary purpose for which it was collected as stated in the relevant "Definitions and Recitals" in regards to business nature, unless THS has obtained the consent of the individual to the use of that information for a secondary use, such as direct marketing.

Non-identifying information specifically relating to the requirements of a home owners house sitting position may be used for the purpose of recruiting house sitters for the position.

If it is not practicable to obtain the individual's consent and the individual has made known to THS the individual's desire not to receive any further direct marketing communications, THS will cease any direct marketing communications to the individual.

Personal information collected and/or stored is never used for or disclosed to any third party with the exclusion of the disclosure of such customer information as outlined above.

Data Quality

THS will take all reasonable steps to ensure that personal information that it holds is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

Data Security

THS has in place an IT team who maintain our data security systems, networks and procedures. In particular all THS databases are protected by secure network links, firewalls, password protection and virus protection. Access to our site is only via 2048 bit or higher Secure Socket Layer (SSL).


On request by individuals, THS will make known to those individuals the types of personal information it holds, the purpose for which it is held and how THS collects, holds and uses that information.

Access and Correction

On request by an individual, but subject to the exceptions prescribed by the National Privacy Principles, THS will provide the individual with access to their personal information and will allow that individual a reasonable opportunity to correct any inaccuracies or out-of-date information. Confirmation of any changes to customer information will be provided as previously outlined within this document.

A request for access to the personal information held by THS concerning an individual can be made by that individual to THS in writing by post or electronic medium. A fee may apply in some circumstances.


THS will not use tax file numbers or other government-issued identifiers, to identify a record of personal information relating to an individual.

Right to be forgotten

On request by an individual, but subject to the exceptions prescribed by the National Privacy Principles and any legal requirements, THS will remove any personal details stored within our systems..