Looking to do some house sitting?

Why should you house sit?

By house sitting you will enjoy living rent-free in someone’s home while they are away for work or holidays. In exchange for free accommodation, you are required to keep the home tidy, water the plants, and care for their pets.

House sitting is a lot of fun, you get to live in fantastic homes, care for a whole range of pets, you can save money by not paying rent, you will make lots of new friends, and if you like to travel, house sitting is a great way to really experience Australia.

Why we are different

Surprisingly, to do the best by our house sitters, we make home owners our first priority. Our systems are built to make it as easy as possible for home owners to quickly find the right house sitter. The reason this works for you, is that by focusing on home owners we get more assignments.

We also do not list house sitters on our web site for home owners to browse. With the benefit of over 30 years experience in the industry, we have found listing sitters actually makes it harder for the home owners to find the right sitter. We put available house sitters in contact with the home owner so all that is left for the home owner to do is review each option and make their selection.

These differences are why we maintain the best ratio of assignments to house sitters in the industry.

How we work

When a home owner adds an assignment, we email all the house sitters covering their area with the details of the position. House sitters who are available and keen for the assignment, can then send the home owners an introduction message with their contact details and a private link to their house sitters profile.

Home owners can then reply to ask questions and arrange an interview. This is also your chance to ask them questions to make sure their home is right for you.

Our Membership

$60 for 12 months membership.

  • You can choose as many areas of Australia as you want.
  • You are welcome to contact as many home owners as you like.
  • You choose who views your details, so your privacy is protected.
  • Membership includes an optional FREE ID Check for every adult in your house sitting party.
Getting started

House sitting with us is easy, simply tell us the regions you are willing to house sit in, and the minimum number of weeks you are happy to house sit for, and we'll start emailing the details of matching assignments to you.

Sound good? You can use our joining form to enter your details and get started.

If you would like more information about house sitting with us, please read our common questions page or ask us a question on our contact form. You are also welcome to browse ALL the open house sitting assignments before you join.

Do you house sit professionally?

Many home owners require a house sitter for a short duration and most of our house sitters are just not interested. As a professional house sitter your services can really help these home owners out. You are welcome to join us. Our only requirement is that you make it clear to home owners that you charge for your services when you first contact the home owners.