• Suburb : Woolloomooloo 2011
  • Region : Sydney
  • State : New South Wales
  • Duration : 56 days
  • Arrive : 03-Jun-2022
  • Depart : 28-Jul-2022
  • Pet care required :
  • Special features :
  • Location :


One spoilt burmese pussy cat, a people lover, requires a loving servant (or two) to sleep with her, and to be around and taking notice much of the day. Her apartment, with balcony (and parking space), has great views and is within walking distance from botanic gardens, CBD, swimming pools and gym, etc, although she doesn't care as an indoor cat. Wishes to play daily, but her 12 years and arthritis now means she prefers to swipe a string from inside her tunnel - can become a boring or zen experience up to half an hour. Describing her best day, she says 'share my bed 24/7, with short breaks for licking, purring and - best of all - breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, supper and dinner'. Mum says, please note these meals are effectively two meals spread over 6 portions......

I'd like to meet potential pussy purrfect person prior to selection, thanks.

Departure and return dates are slightly approximate at this point, but pretty accurate. Trying to plan trip around kitty sitting and all world events.....

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