• Suburb : RED HILL 2603
  • Region : Canberra
  • State : Australian Capital Territory
  • Duration : 6 days
  • Arrive : 10-Mar-2022
  • Depart : 15-Mar-2022
  • Pet care required :
  • Special features :
  • Location :


Hi there,

We have a spacious house and garden that we share with a gorgeous, friendly groodle named Raven, a sporadically cuddly cat (Mike Wazowski) and four productive chickens - Eggy, Scrambler, Edie and Peanut. We are looking for a kind and responsible someone to help keep an eye on the house its furry and feathered inhabitants while we are away for a few days in March 2022. The chickens are pretty low maintenance - check their water each day and make sure they don't run out of food (they have a big feeder that we will top up before we leave which should last the distance ... but just in case they get greedy!). Raven and Mike need feeding morning and night and plenty of cuddles (well, Mike will let you know if he is in the mood for cuddles - Raven is always up for some loving attention!). We also have some plants that may need watering every other day, if there is no rain.

Apart from a lovely home, friendly pets, and easy access to Red Hill for walks, an added bonus is fresh eggs everyday!

BTW - we are in the process of moving back in after a major renovation - I will add photos of additional rooms as we get them set up and sorted. Thanks for your paitence and understanding :)

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