• Suburb : RYDE 2112
  • Region : Sydney
  • State : New South Wales
  • Duration : 34 days
  • Arrive : 25-Jul-2022
  • Depart : 27-Aug-2022
  • Pet care required : Cats
  • Special features : Wheelchair Access, No Garden Care
  • Location : Public Transport, Supermarket, Restaurants


Hi all,

We are a couple (Agnes and Adam) and we are planning to go overseas for 5 weeks between 25/07/2022 - 27/08/2022.

We live in a very quiet area just right next to the Parramatta river in Ryde.

We are looking for someone who love pets and can help us to take care of them and our home while we are away.

About the cats, there is 3 of them:

- Laila (Cross-bengal) - 4y old

- Tesla (Bengal) - 4y old

- Zelda (Devon rex) - 1y old

They all like one another so there are no problems with them (they mostly sleep throughout the day, while they are not asleep they are very playful but still they do not require attention all the time)

They all eat from automatic (microchip) feeders.

What's required to do around them is:

- feed 2x a day (in the morning and in the evening)

- refill water fountain every few day and a glass that's placed next to the kitchen sink

- clean their toilets (2 of them)

They like to go on the balcony every now and then to eat grass and chill outside a little bit :)

(IMPORTANT: while they are outside you HAVE TO KEEP an eye on them (they should not stay alone on the balcony) as when the birds fly on the balcony they can try and catch them and there is a risk they may fall off the balcony)

In terms of the house, we have not many plants to care for (just a few) so we would need someone to water them + the grass pots on the balcony (2 of them).

Also while staying in our place just please do the regular stuff which you would do in your own place to keep it in shape (vacuum every now and then etc...)

Our building have a specific noise restrictions and policies so basically NO PARTIES and the music should be kept low at all times.

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