Simple Tips For Finding The Right House Sitter


These are merely guidelines to help you find a suitable house sitter for your situation.

We suggest that you take your time, and be fussy.

If someone really wants the opportunity to stay in your home, they should be more than happy to meet any reasonable requirements, or restrictions, that you feel are appropriate.

  • Contact all of the house sitter that seem suitable. Explain your requirements, and find out what each house sitter can offer in terms of experience etc.
  • Feel free to call the house sitters' referees, and ask them to confirm their reference. Ask why they think that person would make a good house sitter. If the referee had that person house sit for them, ask if they had any problems at all.
  • Interview the house sitter/s that appear most suitable. Take plenty of time to point out exactly what you will require of them.
  • Assess the house sitter/s previous experience with pets. Watch carefully to see how well they interact with your pets.
  • Look for any signs that the house sitter is reluctant to fulfil any obligations. If they are not particularly keen now, you can be fairly certain that they won't bother once you've gone!
  • If a prospective house sitter is unhappy with, or unwilling to meet your requirements, choose someone else!.