• Suburb : HARRISON 2914
  • Region : Canberra
  • State : Australian Capital Territory
  • Duration : 34 days
  • Arrive : 07-Jun-2022
  • Depart : 10-Jul-2022
  • Pet care required : Dogs
  • Special features : Dogs Welcome
  • Location : Public Transport, Supermarket, Restaurants


We are looking for someone to house sit our house while we are away in the UK getting married. We would love someone who loves dogs and is willing to care for them as their own. We have two English cocker spaniels, Archie three year old golden boy, very much a cuddly boy and can sometimes come across shy and Annie one year old black girl, she is our cheeky little girl who likes to rule the house.

They love walks and being outside, we have a field two minute drive from our house which they go to most nights, Archie is ball mad and will just want to play ball, Annie likes to chase him for the ball. They are very good off lead on the field, we take them for a 30 minute walk most mornings. We are in the middle of dog training and one important thing they say is to let your dogs sniff on walks so walks can sometimes take 40 minutes on those days. Annie gets very excited about going on walks and will jump up and down once she sees her harness, we are training for that to be less as it can be hard, whereas Archie hides when the harness comes out but once shown he is very happy to go out. Normally we leave out the garage and leads are on before. We also have a treat bag we take out as that can help with walks.

They love their food, they get fed twice a day, they may wake you up in the morning to be fed, they will also start looking for food around 6pm which is dinner time. We are doing enrichment training with them most lunchtimes which does mean evening meal may be a little less.

Archie will happily play ball in the house which we don't mind. They have plenty of toys, Annie loves having a goat horn which we don't allow on the furniture or bedding which Annie knows but sometimes forgets so we just say down, sometimes Archie gets it but Annie can be guarded. In the hallway of our house there is a cupboard, amongst there, there is a treat section that is for the dogs, you will find their brushes, spare leads and collars, dental stick and treats which they love and spare poo bags. You will also find their tick and flea medication which will have to be taken the first day of July, Annie will eat hers straight away but with Archie you have to be with him, one because Annie will get it two because he wants you to haha. On the back of the door you will find their long leads which we use for our 30 minute walk and short leads which we use for our field walks as they are not really on leads, and their harness they are wearing now. Regarding the house, it is a townhouse, we have three bedrooms and one bathroom. You would be using our room which is the main, the second bedroom is for guests and some junk where as the downstair third room is used for my ironing business, I iron peoples clothes, so this is where the printer is and iron and ironing board which you can use. The garage has the washing machine and dryer, it also have spare fridge where we normally put soft drinks and beer.

Upstairs we have an open plan kitchen, dinning and living room. We have a dishwasher, kettle and toastier, microwave, fridge and freezer, juicer, blender, toasties machine, and slow cooker. We do recycle and have a compost bin (No meat), but we don't expect you to do that if you didn't want to. We have a bookshelf with plenty of books to choose from. Chromecast for the TV so you can link your Netflix and stan accounts to watch off the TV. The back garden you will find a pizza oven and bbq, we may have a few plants we are not sure if they will be in season atm. You will have to collect their poo on a daily which we have a bin for.

I think that is everything, if you have any question please ask away. x

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